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Furney - Submerged Soul

For the past 10 plus years he is possibly one of the most influential and arguably one of the most prolific liquid D&B producers in the scene to date. With a back catalogue of productions that die hard fans thought were forever out of their reach.
Furney has had a significant amount of releases on some of the most influential labels, from the likes of Liquid V, Sound Trax, CIA, Jazzsticks, 31 Records and Soul Deep. His distinctive style and sound remains heavily supported amongst the scenes biggest names, from Grooverider, Fabio and DJ Marky to name a few.
Smooth N Groove are pleased to announce Furney's long awaited return to the imprint with some of his best work to date. The 'Submerged Soul' LP brings all elements of Furney's recognisable production style. Deep ambiance, snappy drums, and punchy smooth bass lines setting the grooves and vibe for each track. Working in darker tones and vocals for amazing soul sounds, Furney rounds out another incredible release showing once again why he's one of the most respected producers in the scene.
Smooth N Groove Records
are proud to present the Furney 'Submerged Soul' LP which is an essential edition to your Furney collection. Locked and ready to drop across all online stores from November 5th.
Furney - Submerged Soul LP:
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